Case Study: Brookings Institute


The Brookings Institution came to us to do a live, multi-camera webcast so people around the world could watch their day long conference that was being held in Chicago.  The conference was planned in stages with different speakers throughout the day culminating with a panel of highly notable Mayors from large cities around the county. The entire days meetings and discussions were available live on the Brookings website.


Big Shoulders worked in collaboration with the technical consultant as well as internal communications department to plan a strategy to capture the video and audio as well as and put them out on the web for anyone to watch.  In addition to the webcast, Big Shoulders was also responsible for the images going to the very large projection screens located on either side of the stage. 


The live streaming of their 6 hour event allowed people who could not attend in Chicago to watch segments of the meeting at their designated time or on an on-demand basis. Over the 6 hours of meetings, Big Shoulders reported that over 700 people tuned in to watch and listen.